About me

Pasquale Oliva, Italian native translator and writer.

My blood is a mixture of cultures who molded shape and soul of people who live on the slopes of Vesuvius.

I’m proud to say that my DNA is Neapolitan.

My languages are: Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian & European), English and Spanish.

My passion to translate is unmatched. My attention to details is meticulous. My relation with grammar is fetishistic. My dedication to suit all your expectations is total.

I started my career working as property sale agent for Tecnocasa group in Naples, Italy, when I was 19 yo. Contemporarily, I started to study Law at the historical and renowned University Federico II of Naples, developing interest and knowledge in Law, Politics, Economics and foreign cultures.

After finishing my studies I applied my knowledge and my interest for languages to the translation field and started to travel around the world. Apart from Italy, where I was born and raised, I stayed in England, Scotland, Spain, Portugal and Brazil, where I currently live, and visited also France, Hungary, Czech Republic, Ireland, and Switzerland.

As personal taste, and because I am living in Portuguese-speaking countries for more than 5 years, I developed a high knowledge of this language, speaking, understanding and writing at native level, also certified by the Brazilian Ministry of Education that issued a CELPE-BRAS certificate as proof of my proficiency.

Languages Spoken

My activity focuses exclusively on Italian, Portuguese, English and Spanish languages and their variants. As localization expert I am able to find the most suitable solutions to fit any local and regional context.

My favourite quote

John Millington Synge's quote about translation


Full time.
Since I work full-time as freelancer, I am available everyday From Sunday to Morning (everyday), and available online from 8am to 11.00 pm (GMT-4).

I can also ensure you my availability for long term. I keep exclusive records of my customers in order to provide continuous services during the next months and years.

My average daily output is 4000 words (a minimum of 2000 words and a maximum of 6000 words). I establish a minimum output to ensure speed and a maximum cap to ensure quality. In a week, therefore I am able to translate about 30,000 words, more than 100,000 words in a month.

It also depends from the complexity of the topic, the source and desider formats, etc. Thanks to the use of the latest state-of-the-art tools I am able to save time (and offer discounts) on those documents that have many repetitions or through the aid of the translation memories and glossaries created with past related projects.

How I work

I work from my PC, that means not necessarily from home or office. I am a freelancer and I can bring my work with me everywhere. It allows me to monitor constantly the workflow and being always online. I have some loyal customers that rely on me and send me continuous projects, but I am always open to new projects, since in this activity experience is crucial, so I strive to get the most from each single task. I also have a strong online reputation on the platforms where I work. I completed more than 300 demonstrable projects, all with a 5-stars rating that is the only standard you should accept. You can check my online profiles and what customer say about me in the following links:
I have been working in this industry for 9 years, translating more than 2 million of words. Yes, it’s a lot and nothing to compare with who is starting now. Experience is the key to catch the meaning of each single word, to understand properly the context and to deliver an error-free final product. I am sure thay you agree with my opinion. I handled different topics, and I worked mainly translating websites, apps, software, legal documents, e-commerce platforms, books and e-books, gambling and tourism related contents. Apart from this wide experience I also have a background in other fields like Real Estate, Legal and Catering, that gives me an eclectic knowledge and eclectic are the projects I completed. Discover more about me and my projects clicking here.
I do not leave anything to chance. I schedule any single task and monitor steadily the timing and quality. I manage the entire workflow trough a meticulous process that involves the following steps:

  • Consulting
  • Analysis
  • Free quote
  • Starting using Trados
  • Partial update
  • Creation of specific glossaries and termbases
  • End
  • First proofreading (Spell check)
  • Second proofreading (QA: consistency and fluency)
  • Delivery and final consultation
  • Availability to double check further if the content is going to be published
  • Free amendments after delivery
You can hire me trough:

where you can issue an escrow or alternatively paying me by Wire Transfer (I’ll provide you my bank details), Paypal or Skrill (after the completition of the project).

Regarding the payment deadlines I am flexible, if it is a reasonable time (15-40 days). It also depends from the amount involved, so feel free to share your thoughts with me and we can surely find a solution.

Some of my highlights

Click here to visit my portfolio where you can watch some of my best projects. I am proud to have completed great tasks for international brands and worldwide best-seller authors. My commitment led to achieve those excellent results and I am sure that more important projects are coming. My highest accomplishments are:
  • Resident translator for the international agency “Gengo” (Italian and Brazilian Portuguese)
  • Translation of “Malwarebytes”, one of the greatest and best known anti-malware
  • Translation of the e-commerce platform“Shopify”
  • Translation and preface of the eBook “Manifesto aperto alla stupidità umana” of the Author Ezio Flavio Bazzo
I strive to provide the highest quality. My efforts are evident in the reviews I received from my customers. I have an average of 5/5 stars rating over more than 200 projects (exactly I always received the maximum rating). Clicking here you can read some of the best reviews. If you want to check all of them feel free to visit my profiles on:

If you try my services I am sure that you will not regret as well.

What I like to do in my (few) spare time.

  • Surfing Internet
  • Writing
  • Walking
  • Travelling
  • Watching movies
  • Playing games

Some of My Best Projects are featured below.

Yes that’s right, I completed over 300 projects! I suggest you to take a look now! Maybe you could ask me something similar!

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