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  • Translation (translate a source “A” into another target language “B”)
  • Proofreading (mark grammar and typo errors within a source “A”, fixing them)
  • Editing (Edit the source “A”, turning it in a different document “B”, correcting widely the original text, turning it unique and fluent.
  • Post-editing (edit a target document “B”, previously translated from a source “A”)
  • Source (original document “A”)
  • Target (final document)
In that field please specify your last deadline or the exact day in which you would prefer to receive your final document.
Define in that field the final format desired. If you want to keep the original format (e.g. Word document) set the answer as “As the original”, otherwise specify what would be the final format desired. Please note that a format change that could imply an additional work could led to additional charges, but I will specify that in the quote, in order to let you know all the possibilities.
When you ask a quote in the “Instructions” field you can add all the necessary guidelines to turn the task easier to be understood. For example if you want to keep some expressions or words in the original language or if you have further requirements.

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