You stupid people! My book review.

Below is my book review of the Ezio Flavio Bazzo’s artwork “You stupid people!” (English version):

The common man, most likely, will turn against the “Open manifesto to human stupidity” (original title “Manifesto aberto à estupidez humana”), since the content highly provocative is an attack to the human nature, with the attempt to liberate the conscience of the humanity. Many of you will not be ready to grasp the message, rather judge this book void of understanding, immoral, futuristic, obsolete. I invite those who, during the first few pages will be caught by a sudden sense of outrage, disinterest, disagreement, to finish the book, because it is only at the end that you will be able to appreciate the real value of this work. Man is a social animal and, as such, it creates its own institutions to deal with adversity and answer the questions of life. The man, however, has a factor in more than animals: free will. The right to choose, to overcome the instinct to reason. Only freed from dogmas and common opinions, the individual may be released from the bondage in which he has been placed by the shapeless mass. The famous anthropologist and psychologist Gustave Le Bon argued that: “An opinion can have origins emotional, mystical or rational. The rational origin is the rarest.” This is because individuals are shaped by the mere fact of belonging to a crowd, a community, a school, an institution for political, religious, economic and lose the ability to use his own intellect, developing a generic, stereotyped and shared vision of life, values and morality. The common and mystified man believes in the values created by the same society. Family, Church, School and State, the four social monsters that, since the dawn of humanity, shape the social consciousness, dominating the masses, destroying every individual conviction or cognitive ability. For this reason there are wars, hunger, ignorance, and lack of freedom. Exist to obey the social lies. This book review is to celebrate this artwork that, in my opinion is an act of philanthropy, love of neighbor, moved by the pain and anguish of the author to note the sad reality of human nature. Who loves himself, and the others, will then have the opportunity to enjoy moments of reflection giving a new luster to own existence.

This book review contains the above preface of book “You Stupid People!” (“Manifesto aberto à estupidez humana”) was written by me (Pasquale Oliva) to celebrate this artwork of the great Ezio Flavio Bazzo. Apart from the preface I also translated the entire ebook into Italian language. The English version of the book is available on Amazon and you can find it clicking here .