This is a short summary to introduce myself and my activity.
My name is Pasquale Oliva, I work as freelance translator, proofreader and project manager. I have been doing this job for 9 years and I am completely satisfied and happy of what I do. I help daily customers to achieve their goals and I strive to provide the best quality.
Trough this website you will find all the info you need about me and my services. I am at your disposal for any further question. Here you find my contact. Enjoy my website!

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I work individually and through a wide range of online platforms. I built a solid reputation online and apart from my website you can check out my profiles, my past projects and customers' reviews mainly on:

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Read the Terms of service and the Privacy Policy of my website. Kindly note that they govern only the use of the Website and not the services that I offer, for which I invite you to visite the FAQs section

Tips for freelancers

In this category you can find interesting tips about freelance working industry

Live Chat Support

Best way of communication: live chat support.

With a global market, with multiple choices and customers that often need a fast response the live chat support is the greatest form of communication between the client and his freelancer.

Through a simple click you can access to the chat window and talk on real-time. It’s essential to save […]

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