This is a short summary to introduce myself and my activity.
My name is Pasquale Oliva, I work as freelance translator, proofreader and project manager. I have been doing this job for 9 years and I am completely satisfied and happy of what I do. I help daily customers to achieve their goals and I strive to provide the best quality.
Trough this website you will find all the info you need about me and my services. I am at your disposal for any further question. Here you find my contact. Enjoy my website!

My online profiles

I work individually and through a wide range of online platforms. I built a solid reputation online and apart from my website you can check out my profiles, my past projects and customers' reviews mainly on:

Terms and Conditions

Read the Terms of service and the Privacy Policy of my website. Kindly note that they govern only the use of the Website and not the services that I offer, for which I invite you to visite the FAQs section


If you have any question, here you can find the answers.

Browse the FAQs and use the filter to find the answer that could help you. I tried to post here the Frequently Asked Questions, but if you don’t find any solution to your problem or any answer to your question, feel free to contact me directly and I will assist you.

I have an eclectic knowledge of various computer software and file types


Click here to see a graphic that shows you all the file types supported belonging to each software category. However feel free to contact me if you have any format not listed here, maybe I’ll be able to help you.

I constantly improve my skills, learning new software and I add new file types to my background. Apart from the file types you can know what are the other skills visiting my services page clicking .

How a CAT tool helps translators to achieve the highest quality

Computer-assisted translation or CAT is a form of translation using a professional software to aid the translation. Kindly note that it is not an authomatic translator, but a professional CAT tool that help to improve the quality, trough a complex quality assurance (QA) control and the use of extensive translation memories, based on the previous user’s projects. At the moment I use mainly Trados 2015, although I have a wide experience with the most common CAT tools, such as MemoQ, Wordfast, OmegaT, Across, or online CAT tools as Transifex, Crowdin and POeditor.

Probably you are wondering if with a small budget you can still ask a quote. Absolutely, I can give you a free quote. Therefore, feel free to contact me or submit your documents to be translated. I believe that we can find an agreement to suit both mine and your requirements.

Yes I have no interest to own the rights, I can even sign a NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) to protect your rights over the material. I can provide you the agreement if you don’t have time to draw up it. Also, let me know if you have any problem if I showcase the project after that the project is completed, within my portfolio.

Click here to know the payment forms I use. Regarding the payment deadlines I am flexible, if it is a reasonable time. It also depends from the amount involved, so feel free to share your thoughts with me and we can surely find a solution.

You can hire me trough:

where you can issue an escrow or choose another form of payment between Wire Transfer (I’ll provide you my bank details), Paypal or Skrill (after the completition of the project).

I have a wide list of professional services offered.

All my services offered are listed in the service page. You can watch them clicking here. Feel free to contact me if you have some specific request that is not listed within my skills, maybe I can help you.

I am flexible about charges

. Every project, customer, moment is different. It depends from deadlines, topic, total word count, final format/formatting desired, quality of source, etc. All these factors vary the charge of the single project. The easy way to get an accurate price estimation is submitting your document so I can analyze all its aspects and provide you the best quote possible. With loyal customers I am able to fix an average rate for long term collaboration, that ensures more trust and a smooth working process. Click here and fill the form if you need a custom quote.

I use both ways. There are projects where it’s better calculate a rate per word to quantify the work to perform, but in other situations, for example where it is not possible to quantify a word amount, I charge per hour. For official documents or resumes I can even charge per page. However all is negotiable and we can always establish a flat rate.

Every project has a specific deadline. I will schedule your project at your convenience whenever is possible and I will always respect the deadline set. I have an average output of 4000 words per day (minimum 2000, maximum 6000), that I don’t exceed to avoid to compromise the quality, that for me (and you will surely agree) is crucial. Regarding my hourly output, I can translate around 300 words in a hour. All depends from the topic involved. If your project needs an immediate response and a fast delivery that exceed my default scheduling, no worries, let’s set together a proper and close deadline, considering an urgency fee.

Absolutely, when I finish to translate I check the document properly to ensure it’s error free. I use mainly Trados to translate, a professional software that helps me to guarantee a full control of punctuation, spelling and consistency troughout the text. Then I run a QA (Quality Assurance) control to polish it and once obtained the last version I check it once again running a further spell check in the destination file. For bulk quantity of work that could over loadme I can rely on the help of external proofreaders that after my revision can double check it even further.

I am specialized in the following languages:

  • Italian
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • European Portuguese
  • English
  • Spanish
  • .

I decided to focus just on those languages to provide you the best quality at native level, this is the why I don’t handle further languages. Being fluent in all of them, I can check the quality by myself and I don’t need to outsource any project. I can switch easily between them. However if you need a translation in another language, feel free to contact me and I can indicate you reliable partners.

If you mean whether I use any authomatic tool to traslate, of course not. I translate by myself, 100% human translation and, to be sincere I am allergic to authomatic translations. Only a human can ensure a quality work and guarantee an error-free final text. I use the most reliable sources to find the proper meaning, even in a specific context. I create my own glossaries and I can rely on a wide range of translation memories and terms bases of my previous projects. It doesn’t also let me save time and improve the quality, but also will guarantee an excellent consistency between it and the past projects and troughout the current task.