Welcome to my website! I am Pasquale Oliva, a professional translator, proofreader and SEO copywriter. I am proud to announce that I am restyling my website through which I’ll be even more closer to my loyal customers and it will also be a window on the freelancers world and translation industry. Thanks to the blog I’ll be able to publish interesting content for professional users and I’ll provide useful tips to anyone is starting now to work in this segment.
We are crossing a new era and with a growing globalization process just translating is not enough anymore. The localization permits to cross the boundaries and improve the communication worldwide.
The video of this post is a small clip edited by the multi-awarded Portuguese director Bruno Carnide, a real talent in his field. In the next days I will show you other interesting artworks that he created.

Feel free to visit my website regularly to stay updated on the last trends and discover how my business is going.

Best regards,

Pasquale Oliva.