Project Description

Shopify’s marketing material and blog articles translated from English to Brazilian Portuguese

SEO-friendly articles written and translated for the blog of the e-commerce platform Shopify.

Shopify is an international e-commerce platform through which is possible to open an online shop. With Shopify you can sell your own products and manage the sale process. I translated and wrote several SEO-friendly articles of their blog in Brazilian Portuguese. The goal of this task was to develop texts rich in content about several topics, in order to provide support for Shopify’s users. I localized the content for the Brazilian market, researching specific terms used in Brazil and by Brazilian users.

On this way I provided contents able to boost the utility and visibility of the Brazilian version of Shopify.

You can check out the website clicking here. I will continue to develop my translation skill in the e-commerce industry since it’s a growing segment that will replace a lot of physical shops in the next future.