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List of services

I offer translation services from and into: English, Italian, Portuguese (European and Brazilian) and Spanish. Even the smallest task is handled professionally with advanced translation tools, such as SDL Trados Studio 2015, to keep the consistency and the original format and formatting, and QA tools such as XBench, to perform terminology and Quality Assurance (QA) checks. In addition, I am used to create glossaries and termbases for any specific long-term project or technical field and ensure they are sistematically implemented for consistency purposes.

Find below a list of the CAT/QA tools and localization platforms I mostly use and master:

Mastering all the above software, among others, I am able to handle any kind of files and support you with all the most common localization management platforms, in order to localize your content still keeping the original format, formatting and consistency with past projects.

In the era of globalization, localization is the process trough which a professional not only translate the content, but adapt it generally to a specific country, region or dialect. I do not offer an extent range of languages in order to focus mainly on those ones I am specialized in, such as: Italian, Portuguese, English and Spanish.

Thanks to the knowledge obtained in the past years, along with a rich experience gained during my stays abroad, I am able to localize a wide range of topics in any specific regional market.

Surely you are aware that, for example, there are a lot of cultural, grammar and stylistic differences between European and Brazilian Portuguese, between American and British English, or between Latin American and European Spanish. It is important, therefore, localize any term, expression and slang according to its proper audience, so that it can be fully understood from any readers for that specific target.

I can localize any formal or informal document, website, app, technical manual and many others.

I distinguish two kind of services which both of them helps to improve the quality of the final document: editing and proofreading.

Editing is necessary:

1. when the translated draft has no enough quality due to the presence of mistranslated expressions, or many syntax or grammar errors. The same applies to copywriting texts. Generally they need to be edited or rewritten when quality or readability level is low.

2. when it aims to adhere to a specific terminology, glossary or past works performed and many amendments are required. Therefore, on this case the document needs to be checked thoroughly in order to find any inconsistencies and fix the issues according to their reference.

My editing skills allow me to catch the core meaning and only change its form, in order to give a soul to the text.


Any proofreading task aims to catch any error, such as grammar, typos, punctuation, etc, as well as any other minor change to be applied to the text, excluding any extensive action to be performed.

My perfectionism and my ability to look even for the slightest error allow me to deliver error-free texts and polish any kind of document.
In addiction, I have the adequate methods and advanced tools to screen any document, in order minimize the risks through my eclectic services.

In a world always more oriented to the Web and digital advertisings, any product, activity, organization, individual, team, etc. should be supported by a strong marketing campaign in order to beat the competition. This is the why I strive to give always a marketing touch to the documents, posts or web contents I am working on.

Creative writing
I have a creative mind and this also reflects into everything I do, including work. I enjoy translating novels, poems, lyrics and personal drafts, making them sound 100% original and unique.

Business writing
Everyday I enter into contact with business managers and CEOs of several worldwide companies. I can easily act in behalf of you or your company and develop tailored texts in other languages, to establish a communication flow with your colleagues, providers, leads, etc., acting as a gateway to the foreign markets you are interested in.

Blog posts and e-commerce listings
As subcategories of the copywriting segment I also specialize in writing blog posts and developing e-commerce listings. After an accurate analysis of the local marked I can provide custom posts or specific descriptions of your products on sale.

During these years I established contacts with several professionals, colleagues or freelancers that provide different services, such as developers, designers, desktop publishers, etc.

I also have experience managing projects, therefore you can also hire me as project manager. I am able to manage teams, schedule tasks, coordinate people, deal with costumers or other project managers and assess the work performed.

However, my management and scheduling skills are reflected in my everyday work since every single project is organized and scheduled, so that does not conflict with other tasks, in order to respect the deadline and my commitment with you.

Finally you can even propose me other languages in addition to my working languages or other kind of services. I will gladly help you if possible.

SEO and SEM are primary activities to boost your ranking on search engines and corporate visibility. I strive to apply both their techniques to translation and copywriting tasks in order to provide you 360° services.

This is important because you get optimized translated documents or functional copywriting texts, suitable for your website, app, Facebook page, or any other marketing platform you may have.

I can also help you to make a keyword plan, finding for you the most researched keyword in a specific niche or for a particular local market.

The best way to combine globalization and localization and apply every possible idea to boost your activity and get the best results.

My specialization

Websites, software, apps, web content, hardware, servers, wordpress.
Business plans, budget laws, forex, corporate content, corporate e-mails.
Contracts, patents, laws, terms and conditions, privacy policies, technical translations.
Books, eBooks, articles, reviews, press releases.
Online shops, products listings and descriptions, Amazon, e-Bay, Magento, marketing content.
Casino (poker, slots, etc.), betting, game interfaces, game testing
Automotive parts, instruction manuals, RC models & drones, air conditioner devices, refrigerators

Files supported

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Working process

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Quality Assurance (QA)

I aim to deliver flawless translations, through a final QA process.
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Choose the most suitable rate according to the services you need. I offer different kinds of rates to satisfy every budget and specific need of my customers. You can select a basic rate if your project is not technical and does not involve any specific skill or an expert rate if the project needs specific technical skills, or has a non-editable format (e.g. PDF, image, etc.). The advanced rate is the best value for money since it provides a professional quality with a fair price. You can also choose the Platinum option if you want to hire me for a month to work exclusively on a big project. On this way we can sign an agreement according which I offer you my services for a month for a fixed price and a guarantee of at least 100,000 words translated.

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